ASCE Ab Ltd.

Naval Architecture & Rescue system

About us

ASCE Ab Ltd. is a consultancy company whose business started in 1996, primarily for development of its patented marine rescue system, ASCE RESCUE SYSTEM.

Eventually our business has expanded into consultancy activities for the shipping and manufacturing industry.

The company today employs four persons and uses the Design-NAPA program for advanced calculations relating to the shipbuilding industry.

We possess the capability to handle every technical aspect of ship design, from the initial design of newbuildings and conversions to commissioning, including, but not restricted to, hydrostatics, stability, drawings, specifications and other relevant commitments for both the shipping and shore-based industry

The Team

Tage Lindfors
CEO, M.Sc. Naval Architect

Administartion, Shipbuilding, Consulting, NAPA, Inspections
Tel. +358 18 19965
GSM. +358 40 503 5800

Linus Olin
M.Sc., Naval Architect

Shipbuilding, Consulting, NAPA, CAD
Tel. +358 18 19967
GSM. +358 457 3427181

Sune Axelsson
Ship captain

Board member, ASCE Rescue System
GSM. +358 40 535 9258

Bernt Bergman
CMO B.Sc. Chief Engineer

Board member, Chief marketing officer
Tel. +358 18 19966
GSM. +358 40 722 9350